Past Issue

Issue No.: 1, Volume No.: 1

Sr.No. Name of Authors Paper Title Page No. Download
1. Suvarna Patil, Pooja Mishra, Manisha Bhende,P.P.Shevatekar A Integration of WSN with IOT 01-05 Download
2. Vishal Bansode, Sandesh Solepatil, Sushil Gaikwad Review of Laser Shock Processing of Aluminium Alloy 06-10 Download
3. Lakshmiprabha Balaji, Akanksha Singh, Ganesh Pise, Sagar Bawane An Efficient Multi-Protocol Gateway
Design Using ESP32 for Industry 4.0 and Electric Vehicle
11-15 Download
4. Dr. P. P. Halkarnikar, Mr.Ishwarappa R. K., Mr.Nareshkumar R. M. Robust Approach for Multiple Object Tracking 16-22 Download
5. Mr.Chetan Pawar, Mr. Paresh Kulkarni Production of Biodiesel from Rice Bran, Palm Oil & Performance , Emission Test on Diesel Engine 23-29 Download
6. Mr. Paresh Kulkarni, Mr.Chetan Pawar Ways of Improving the cutting Tool Life- A Review 30-34 Download
7. Mr.Nareshkumar R. M., Mr. Dr.P. P. Halkarnikar Text Analytics of Web Post's Comments Using Sentiment Analysis 35-39 Download
8. Mrs.Pooja Mishra, Mrs. Suvarna Patil, Dr. Manisha Bhende Imlementing Smart Traffic Control for Congestion Conrol 40-44 Download
9. Mrs. Suvarna Patil, Mrs.Pooja Mishra, Dr. Manisha Bhende Auction Based resource allocation for Cooperative Communication in Wireless Network: A Survey 45-53 Download
10. Prof. Amruta Chore, Prof. Neha Tiwari Automatic Infrant Cradle 54-60 Download
11. Ms. Deepali Jawale, Rashmi Deshpande A Novel Approach for Classification and Detection of Attacks in Network Intrusion Detection System Using 61-66 Download

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